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  • Sydney Opera House and skyline
    Sydney Opera House and skyline Photo: CC0,
  • Ayers Rock, Uluru
    Ayers Rock, Uluru Photo: CC0,
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Those who have already experienced a sunset at Ayers Rock, dived through the Great Barrier Reef or made a trekking tour through the Kakadu National Park know: Australia is more than unique. Apart from the classic highlights like Sydney, the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland, Australia still offers a lot of space for discoverers.

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Discover the region

Natural space and climate of the red continent

The Australian continent consists to a large extent of deserts and tableland. Due to extreme temperatures and persistent drought, the centre of the country (Outback) is almost uninhabitable.

The further one gets towards the coast, the more diverse the landscapes become. While the federal state Queensland located at the north-east has some Caribbean appearing islands with white sand beaches and coral reefs in front of them, in the north of Australia there is tropical rain forest. The south belongs to the temperate climate zone.

The geographical isolation of Australia has led to the fact that many endemic animal and plant species are still preserved in their original form. Especially the marsupials as kangaroos, koalas and wombats are worth mentioning. Unique in the world are also egg-laying mammals such as the platypus. Australia's insect and reptile population is also extremely diverse – and extremely poisonous.

Outdoor sports in Australia

Cricket, Australian football and rugby are particularly popular among the Australians themselves. Hiking is especially popular with the international public. Australia is also known for its wide range of water sports, especially surfing and diving.

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Australian cities under the microscope

To the coast, or would you prefer the outback? Considering the sheer size of Australia, it is impossible to experience the whole fascinating country in only one trip. Despite of the impressive natural landscape, one should not ignore the Australian metropolis. They are not only the starting point and destination of all Australian trips but also welcome stopovers in civilisation.

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