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American Samoa

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With its dense virgin forests, many rivers and waterfalls as well as turquoise lagoons lined with coconut palms, American Samoa offers everything a typical South Seas idyll needs. The small islands between Hawaii and New Zealand form the largest US territory south of the equator. Although the territory has belonged to the United States since 1929, the Polynesian tradition still has an enormous significance today. Well known and popular among tourists are mainly bookable outdoor offers and cultural events.

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Discover the region

The islands Tutuila, Ta’u and Ofu are the most important bases of American Samoa and at the same time starting points for snorkeling, diving and hiking. The capital Pago Pago offers attractions worth seeing, like Mount Alava, Two Dollar Beach and the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. On Pago Plaza and Fagatogo Square hotels, shops and restaurants invite you to stay.

If you are looking for solitude, the beaches of Ofu are recommended. In September and October you can watch humpback whales there. Fruit bats, geckos, dolphins and sea turtles can be seen all year round.

This tropical destination offers you an authentic view of the Polynesian culture. Apart from the introduction of Christianity in the 19th century, the local culture has remained almost unchanged for 3000 years. The Aiga (extended family) forms the core of the society. The elders and village chiefs, the matai, are highly respected.

Samoan is spoken by more than 90 % of the indigenous population. Especially in smaller villages you will often meet people wearing Lavalava (sarongs) or Puletasi (skirts and patterned tunics), dancing Siva, cooking in an Umu (clay oven) and drinking milk directly from a fresh coconut. In the evenings and on Sundays the Samoan village is a place of peace and prayer.

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