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Current conditions on trail networks and routes

Overview of current conditions on trail networks and routes

Our webapp "current conditions" provides you with important weather information and updates regarding current conditions on trail networks and routes, helping you to stay informed about closures or other hazards and obstacles.

Especially crucial when planning a mountain route is knowledge of the weather and trail conditions. Outdooractive helps you to  establish which peaks are free of snow and on which slopes mountaineers are exposed to the avalanche risks.

The best part? Every Community member can participate by publishing their very own current condition update. Together we can contribute to making our outdoor activities a little safer, so why not share your knowledge of the current conditions on your latest route. Read on to find out more. 



Creating a current condition is easy

To create a current condition, you first have to log in to the Outdooractive Community. Then simply click on "create current condition". After selecting the location in the popup map, hit "continue" to type in all the details.

Start by giving the condition a short but meaningful title and then choose the activity. If you want to post a general condition or one that applies to more than a single activity, you can leave this field blank.

The date is important so as to let others know when exactly you came across the condition.

The most important points should be written in the "hazard statement". This field is for real dangers and risks and will be displayed in bright orange.

The last section is where you can give an overview of the weather at the time of your trip.

Adding photos to your current condition

Photos are hugely useful in giving context to others about current conditions when on their trip. They might show, for example, a collapsed bridge or a mountain path blocked by rockfall.

Any photos of current conditions you have taken on your trip can be easily uploaded. Simply click on "select files" to upload the images whilst not forgetting to label them in a short and informative way.