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Organize your leisure time

Plan an unlimited amount of your own tours in an uncomplicated way.

Adapted to your wishes

You can print all of your tours, download the GPX and KML file and use it outdoors on tour.

As part of a great Community

Be inspired by the Community, rate tours and help others by providing them with your experiences.

Because the outdoors is what unites us

Being outdoors is fun so invite friends to join you on tours or plan new adventures with other Community members.

Tours for your leisure time

No matter if you are on tour by foot, by bike, on skis or on horseback, during wintertime or in summer: your athletic possibilities are unlimited. You have the matching path network at your disposal for each activity.

  • With the Route Planner you can plan your own tours for every activity all over the world – as many as you want, because the sky is the limit.
  • Even during your planning phase you receive all important information such as length, duration, difference in altitude and path types.
  • You can save your planned tours for later – unlimitedly.
  • You can edit your saved tours at any given time. You decide if others are allowed to see your planned tours.

Maps to go

To every tour you get the matching map and detailed directions. You decide whether you want to take the detailed or the overview map with you. With the Outdooractive Map you will stay on the right track.

  • You can download every public tour – yours and the ones of the Community.
  • We provide you with different maps to download. You can decide for yourself what you need: scale, detailed or overview map, course with or without directions and photos.
  • Even when you are not en route with a printed map anymore, there is the possibility to see the course – just download the track as GPX or KML file onto your GPS device.

United in adventure – the Community

Within the Community you have the possibility to exchange experiences with like-minded people and find inspiration.

  • Thanks to the rating feature you benefit from the experience of others – rate and comment on tours yourself.
  • Add current conditions and inform other about, for example, closed or damaged paths.
  • Get inspired by the innumerable Community tours for your next outdoor adventure and discover new tours nearby.
  • As being on tour together is more fun than being alone you can plan trips with your friends or join others.

Your own structure

  • You can save tours on your clipboard on which you can save tours that you like.
  • Always keep an overview over your tour planning and sort your tours by “already done” and “want to go”.

Your content on the web and in the app

With the automated synchronization all of your content (planned and saved tours, clipboard and your lists) is available on every device as soon as you are signed in.

Welcome home

The Outdooractive Community unites friends from  all over the world. Share your experiences with like-minded people and get inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.

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