• Admiring the midnight sun at Lapland
    Admiring the midnight sun at Lapland Photo: Harri Tarvainen, Visit Finland
  • Summer in Ruka Kuusamo
    Summer in Ruka Kuusamo Video: Ruka Finland
  • Winter Adventures in Ruka-Kuusamo
    Winter Adventures in Ruka-Kuusamo Video: Ruka Finland
  • Bears in the swampland Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Boat ride at lake Julma Olkky at Hossa National Park Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Double aurora on lake Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Autumn in Kuusamo Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo
  • Sunset over lake Purnujärvi Photo: Harri Tarvainen, Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Konttainen felltop Photo: Veera Vihervaara, Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Hikers at Harrisuvanto swing bridge Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Muikkupuro lean-to shelter in Hossa National Park Photo: George Turner, Visit Finland
  • Kiutaköngäs springflood in Oulanka National Park Photo: Veera Vihervaara, Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Mountain biking in Ruka-Kuusamo Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Canoeing at Hossa National Park Photo: George Turner, Visit Finland
  • Rafting on Kitka river at Oulanka National Park Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Reindeers at midnightsun close to Ruka Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Cabin in the winter scenery at Riisitunturi National Park Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Winter at Riisitunturi National Park Photo: Veera Vihervaara, Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Husky safari in Ruka-Kuusamo Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Cross-country skier in Ruka-Kuusamo Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Ruka village in winter Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Ski resort Ruka Photo: Jani Karppa, Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu
  • Sunset over the ski resort Ruka Photo: Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu


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The town of Kuusamo is located in the northeast of Finland, close to the Russian border. Outside of town, the area is very sparsely populated. Kuusamo is internationally known as a host city for winter sports events. But Ruka-Kuusamo, the land of national parks, captivates nature enthusiasts all year round.

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In the Land of National Parks

The landscape of the Kuusamo region belongs to the Finnish hill country, which shifts into the typical fell landscape of Lapland. The many lakes and rivers, waterfalls, ravines as well as dense forests are a typical regional feature. Flora and fauna are a fascinating mixture of Arctic, Siberian and southern species.

The region is also called the Land of National Parks, since besides the popular Oulanka National Park you find the nature paradises Riisitunturi, Hossa and Syöte. Paanajärvi National Park is located just beyond the Russian border. Each park has its own unique nature to discover.

A play of lights and colors

During all seasons of the year, you can admire impressive color effects in the area of Ruka-Kuusamo. Northern Lights are most likely to be spotted from mid-August to mid-April – a memorable experience.

The time of nightless nights lasts from mid-June until the end of June. In September, you can watch the Autumn Colors (Finnish: “ruska”), when the green of the leaf turns into various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, blue and brown.

Summer activities in Kuusamo

During summer, the versatile nature invites you to go hiking, cycling, fishing, canoeing or rafting.

The Karhunkierros trail ("bears trail"), one of the most popular hiking routes in Finland, runs through the Oulanka National Park. The Pieni Karhunkierros trail is a shorter alternative to the complete 82 km long tour.

Tips for shorter hiking trails in the Ruka area are the routes to Valtavaara or Konttainen fell top, which offer great views, or the scenic Pyhän Jyssäys trail.

If you love water, you should try a paddling tour on the river Oulankajoki with its beautiful sandy shores and the surrounding dense forests.

Winter experiences

The snow-covered fell landscape, magical northern lights, colorful sunrises – the winter months reveal the special characteristics of the North in Kuusamo.

The ski resort Ruka is known well far beyond the borders of Finland. With 21 lifts, 35 slopes and a ski season of over 200 days, Ruka is one of the country’s largest winter sports centers.

If you like to explore the winter wonderland off-piste, you will be spoilt for choice. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and ski touring are just as popular as dog-sled rides, winter fishing and ice climbing.

Very close to the brown giants

A special experience is the bear watching tour in Kuusamo. From May to August you have the chance to see the giant brown animals in bright summer nights. On the guided tours you will see them from a short, but safe distance – a very memorable moment!

Hiking route · Nothern Ostrobothnia

Bear Watching in the Wilderness near Kuusamo

easy open
1 km
4:30 h
20 m
20 m
Bear watching tour with the tour operator Karhutupa.fi in co-operation with Rukasafaris.fi. The tour can be boooked via both tour operators.
Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu

Culture in Kuusamo

In the town of Kuusamo you can expect various events and exhibitions. But there are just a few historic buildings, since the place got destroyed massively during the Lapland War.

Kuusamo hall is an event center where conferences and other events take place. You can also visit the local museum in an old farmhouse. Very special cultural highlights are the midsummer festivities.

easy open
0.6 km
0:30 h
2 m
3 m
Short walk by lake Kuusamojärvi right by Kuusamo city centre reveals interesting facts about the city's history and life in the past centuries.
from Veera Vihervaara,   Ruka-Kuusamo Matkailu

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  • Photo: Rød Rev, Community
  • Photo: Rød Rev, Community
  • Photo: Rød Rev, Community
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