• Sightseeing in Salla
    Sightseeing in Salla Photo: Maija Savolainen
  • Salla fire and coffee
    Salla fire and coffee Photo: Maija Savolainen
  • Lehtoaavan kota, Salla
    Lehtoaavan kota, Salla Photo: Kristof Göttling, Salla - in the middle of nowhere
  • Hiking with dog in Salla Photo: Maija Savolainen
  • Salla Picnic Photo: Maija Savolainen
  • Salla Snowshoes Photo: Maija Savolainen
  • Nutukkaat tunturin huipulla, Salla Photo: Hannu Virkkula, Salla - in the middle of nowhere
  • Salla Ruuhitunturi Photo: Maija Savolainen
  • Itärinteen laavu, Salla Photo: Kristof Göttling, Salla - in the middle of nowhere
  • Mountain biking on the top of Sallatunturi Photo: Salla - in the middle of nowhere
  • Mountain biker @Hangasjärvi, Salla Photo: Salla - in the middle of nowhere


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Get to experience an original Lappish village and become one with nature. Salla welcomes visitors with its cozy and authentic character to enjoy one of the largest wilderness areas in Europe. Above the Arctic Circle, close to the Russian border exciting adventures await you. Recover from your daily life and dive into a holiday in full harmony with nature.
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Discover the region

Summer paradise

Oulanka National Park and the wilderness areas surrounding Salla offer breathtaking views and beautiful sceneries, which everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. Mystical forests, wide fields, lonely mountaintops, and steep gorges greet every visitor with a warm welcome. In Salla, there is a lot to explore! You can discover the sights on your own or together with a guide who lets you in on Salla’s secrets.

Over 300 km of hiking trails are awaiting excited hikers. Also, fatbikes and electric fatbikes can be rented. Together with a tour guide, you can explore the rivers by canoe or you pay a visit to the Salla Reindeer Park and learn more about those fascinating animals. However you decide, at the end of each day, you can relax in the local thermal bath.

Salla in the autumn
Video: VisitSalla

Finnish mysticism

For many million years now, a great and untouched wilderness surrounds Salla. Behind swamps, springs, streams, and forests raises a fell that wraps its arms around a calm and cozy place. This lonely little village in the middle of the wilderness invites with the pure joy of life every wanderer, pleasure lover, skier, and adventurers to stay for a while. After each tour, a warm, idyllic and secure nest waits for anyone who is looking for comfort and recovery. This is the home of true wilderness adventures!
Winter in Salla by Kristof Göttling
Video: VisitSalla

Winter Wonderland

Photogenic winter sceneries with snow-crowned trees at the top of the Ruuhitunturi fell is a fairy tale and dream of every photographer. You can explore the winter wonderland by skies, snowshoes, fatbikes or snowmobiles. Marked winter walking trails, snowshoe tracks, and fatbike trails guide you through the snowy forest and wilderness. With a local guide either feeding of the reindeers, husky safari, fatbike or snowmobile tour is going to be an even more spectacular adventure.

Salla is also a birthplace of skiing. The world’s oldest ski has been found in Salla. Nowadays Salla Ski resort with 15 slopes provides wonderful possibilities for skiing activities for beginners as well as for experienced skiers. Even the professional alpinists visit Salla to train here for their competitions. The slopes are ideal and so unique that the training conditions are just perfect.

A total of 160 kilometers of cross-country trails invite for an adventure on skies. You will be led through the snowy winter wonderland, which takes you to another world, far away from the stressful everyday life. High energy or recovering the breath – Salla meets your needs!

Fresh water from Salla creek
Photo: Maija Savolainen


Salla is a place to recover. For this, nature and fellow human beings have to be treated consciously. Arctic regions are more delicate and take longer to regenerate from interferences than others. To maintain the region's health in the future, tourism is held environmentally aware. Natural travel products and services support the aim of taking care of nature. The water and energy consumption as wells as the waste production and emissions are held at a minimum because the visitors should be able to experience the wilderness in its original form.

Fresh air and crystal clear waters are the base for an extensive recovery in Salla. Here, the water can be drunk right from the creek! The Oulanka National Park is, in terms of its habitat types and species, the most biodiverse conservation area in Finland. Tuntsa Wilderness area is one of the finest outdoor recreation destinations in all of Europe. Join in and learn more about recycling and waste-free hiking at visitsalla.fi.

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Public transport

The closest railway station is in Kemijärvi ( 1 hour). 

There is a bus connection from Kuusamo airport and from Kemijärvi Railway station to Salla.

By plane

The closest airports are in Kuusamo ( 1,5 hours) and in Rovaniemi (2 hours).
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike
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