• Canoeing in Levi in summer
    Canoeing in Levi in summer Photo: LeviLapland
  • Hiking in Levi in summer
    Hiking in Levi in summer Photo: LeviLapland
  • Hiking in the forests around Levi
    Hiking in the forests around Levi Photo: Visit Levi
  • Cycling in Levi in summer Photo: LeviLapland
  • Enduro in Levi in summer Photo: LeviLapland
  • Fatbike in Levi in summer Photo: LeviLapland
  • Biking in Levi Photo: Visit Levi
  • Levi Photo: Visit Levi
  • Northern Lights in autumn Photo: Visit Levi
  • Winter Wonders of Levi, Lapland, Finland Video: Levi Lapland


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Silence, pure nature, unique experiences: welcome to Levi, 170 km north of the Arctic Circle! Breathe the cleanest air of the inhabited world, explore Levi's beautiful surroundings and in the long summer daylight hours bath under the magical Midnight Sun! The autumn colours paint nature in deep reds and glowing oranges; from August mesmerizing Northern Lights reflect in million glares on the surface of the lakes. And snowed-covered landscapes make Levi the perfect setting for any winter activity!


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The unspoilt nature in the north

The cleanness beauty of Lappish unspoilt nature never ceases to amaze! The wide and impressive fells of Lapland offer breathtaking views that have been and still are the setting for many famous Finnish artists. Explore Levi’s majestic old-growth forests and ancient valleys abounding in pure super-foods! Book a local guide to help you forage for berries and mushrooms, identify edible herbs and sprouts. Enjoy the sound of silence, the peaceful and restful atmosphere and observe the charming Lappish fauna like the reindeer grazing and the Siberian Jays chirping. Furthermore, the third largest national park in Finland – Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park – is only about 45-minute drive from Levi, hence easily reachable both in winter and summer. This is the time to be active! 

Explore one of the oldest and most popular national parks in Finland in the grandeur of the pristine fells of ...
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Eight seasons

According to an old Lappish and Sami tradition, in Levi people experience eight seasons.  The Midnight Sun: in summer between June and July the sun never sleeps and shines around the clock for 45 days. This is a great time for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, canoeing, riding and golfing late into the bright night. The Harvest time: the summer days get shorter and the evening darker; it is the time to pick superfood like berries and many other delicacies straight from the pure nature. The Autumn: forests, valleys and fells are painted in autumn’s vibrant reds and oranges. It is a great time to go for walks in the forest, to pick berries and mushrooms. It’s the time to start enjoying the first glimpse of Northern Lights. The First Snow: nature has slowed down and the first snow and ice covered the river, lakes, marshland and forest. It is time to take out the skies again, to go snowshoeing, hunting for Northern Lights or to experience husky and reindeer sleigh rides. Polar Nights: the sun does not rise above the horizon; the nights are long, and it is time to prepare for Christmas and a visit to Santa! The Real Winter: the sub-zero winter season is the best time to enjoy the frosty landscapes and all winter activities that come to mind, also a sauna and ice-plunging in the lake. The crusted snow: the first rays of sun inspires you to be outdoor and enjoy skiing, fat-biking, snowshoeing, horse riding or just being in nature on crispy crystal-clear snow. The Springtime: nature prepares for summer and the snow and ice slowly melt away leaving room for the first stalks of grass to resurface. 

Santas Cabin in Levi in summer
Photo: LeviLapland

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is a magical natural phenomenon, to be experienced at least once in one’s life! In Levi you can hunt and enjoy the Northern Lights dancing in the dark arctic sky from the end of August until beginning of April. The Northern Lights delight visitors and locals alike with their green-blue-red-violet light. According to old beliefs, the Aurora Borealis is created by the tail of a Firefox running over the fells. And still nowadays in many cultures it is believed that seeing the Northern Lights brings health, wealth, good luck, love and other lucky omens. A Northern Lights display is always an unique experience: the lights never look the same and they even change within the same night. Levi offers a comprehensive variety of excursions and events to hunt for and capture this special phenomenon. Furthermore Levi has 105 northern lights accommodation, so you can delight in this magical experience from your comfy bed – how cool is that? 

Outdoor activities in Levi

Winter activities in Levi are very versatile: skiing, ski-touring, snowshoeing, dog sledding, riding, you name it – there is plenty to experience so far north in Finnish Lapland. Levi has been the venue of the Alpine Ski World Cup since 2004, and the well-praised final race of the Visma Ski Classics since 2017. A wide net of 230 km cross-country ski tracks maintained daily gives you great opportunities to explore the nature on skis. And if skiing is not your hobby or sport, go and venture along about 20 km of winter hiking, snowshoeing or biking trails over a frozen lake, in the forests and to the top of the fell.   

If winter makes Levi an arctic wonderland, summer and autumn forge Levi into a colourful tray of possibilities. Bathing in the glow of the midnight sun you can set off along great hikes or hop onto a bike and cycle around Levi, Kätkä and Pyhä. The stunning surroundings, be it around or on the top of Levi-fell, in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park or in the unspoilt nature a short way from the centre, offer a variation of beautiful paths to be explored. Experts and the novice mountain bikers alike cannot but love Levi’s DH Bike Park, with Finland's fastest downhill track as well as the great MTB-enduro trails in Levi and Kätkä-fells. Golfers can enjoy playing under the midnight sun in the 18-hole Golf Course – just make sure not to be disturbed by the reindeer resting there. And water experiences are a must: Levi has plenty of programs to offer to canoeing, sup-padling or ferry cruising aficionados. 

Summer Activities in Levi

Summer Activities in Levi, Lapland, Finland
Video: Levi Lapland

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