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A city is a history book, art and culture guide at the same time. Discover picturesque streets, buildings and squares, visit events and museums or stroll comfortably through the pedestrian zone. In every city there is much more to discover than you think – even in your own. You don't need to take any provisions with you – the possibilities of strengthening yourself on the way and at the same time discovering the culinary specialities of the regional cuisine are limitless.

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Take a guided tour!

Everyone knows it and has certainly already taken part in one – the guided sightseeing tour. The sights of a city are visited on foot or by bus and a guide reports about history and interesting facts.

Alternatively, you can use a "Hop-on-hop-off" bus and get on and off at various places of interest.

It's worthwhile to get off the beaten track and take alternative paths. For example, on "alternative tours" you can explore places of everyday life and secret places, you would certainly have missed..

During "scenic walks" or "theatre walks", the guides will take you back in time with their play and the appropriate props.

For those who like old legends and horror stories, the best thing is to take part in the "Ghost-Walks".

Sightseeing bus in Edinburgh
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The contents of a city tour can also include many other topics such as architecture, history, cuisine, monuments and many more.

If you don't want to spend much money, but are hoping for real insider knowledge, look out for "greeters". These share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their city voluntarily – and completely for free. On the official homepage of the "Global Greeters Network", requests for personal guided tours can be sent to the "Greeters" in over 100 destinations.

Equipment for urban walks

"I don't need any equipment for an urban walk" – that's almost right. You don't need much equipment, nevertheless, some items are indispensable to make the trip a complete success.

A city map mustn't be missing in the equipment.
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  1. Comfortable shoes: Of course, they don't have to be hiking shoes – on the contrary: hard soles and too much profile are usually rather uncomfortable when walking on asphalt and cobblestones. It is best to choose sporty shoes that are big enough. On a city tour you'll cover a lot of miles – and especially in warm temperatures your feet need enough space to expand. You should also make sure that your shoes are at least water-repellent if the weather is bad.

  2. Sun and rain protection: Even in the city, you'll be exposed to the elements – and those who retreat inside will miss the best part of their discovery tour. That's why you should bring a light rain jacket as well as sunglasses and sunscreen when the weather is good.

  3. City map: In times of smartphones they are often forgotten – but we remain true to the good old city map. This not only gives you the opportunity to see everything at a glance, you can also quickly and easily mark places or have locals explain a route to you.

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