Travel Guide Lakeland Canoe trips

Canoe trails in Finnish Lakeland

In total there are about 40 canoe trips for you to discover within the region of Lakeland. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Lakeland, we created a short highlight list:
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The best canoe trips in Lakeland

Canoeing Kuopio City and Passenger Harbour

City Canoeing Route from Kuopio Passenger Harbour to Saana resort

On this scenic canoeing route you can enjoy the summer life of Kuopio on the islands of Kallavesi, near city center and have lunch at Holiday Resort Saana.

Lentua canoeing route 19,5 km, Kuhmo Finland

This easy canoeing route in Lentua Nature Reserve introduces the visitor to the largest unregulated lake in Kuhmo as well as rugged, wilderness-like nature.

Easy Canoeing Route near city center on Lake Kallavesi, Kuopio

This easy canoeing route from Saana Tourist Center will take you to admire the lush landscapes and Kallavesi lake. An ice cream kiosk and a lean-to offer the best spots for breaks.

Canoeing around Ärjänsaari island 10 km, Kajaani Finland

Äjänsaari on Lake Oulujärvi is a unique island destination. Shallow sandy beaches, rugged beach cliffs and the clear water create a unique experience for the paddler.

Canoeing from Sotkamo to Katinkulta 15,5 km, Vuokatti Finland

The landscapes of Vuokatti and Sotkamo are characterised by waterways, ridges and hills. There is a lot to experience for water travellers.

Kalliojoki canoeing route 33 km, Kuhmo Finland

The Kalliojoki canoeing route, which starts from the Iso-Palonen nature reserve, is a river and lake route that offers great wilderness experiences, where smaller rapids follow one another.

Canoe Route from Passenger Harbour to Pieni-Telkko island, Kuopio

A wonderful lake kayaking route from Kuopio Passenger Harbor to the wilderness of Pieni-Telkko island on Kallavesi lake. On the way you pass the historical milieu of Itkonniemi.

Squirrel route (Oravareitti) - Canoeing route and water nature trail

Enjoya a relaxed canoeing through rivers and lakes in the middle of the beautiful Finnish lakeland.

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