Bike rides in the Région Wallonne

In total there are about 578 bike rides for you to discover within the region of Région Wallonne. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Région Wallonne, we created a short highlight list:
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Bike Riding Viadukt Reichenstein
56.5 km
4:00 h
216 m
562 m
For over a century, the Vennbahn was the iron link between Aachen and the north of Luxembourg, now it is one of the longest cross-border railway ...
from Michael Lock,   StädteRegion Aachen
38.4 km
3:30 h
298 m
298 m
Wildly romantic and at the same time somewhat eerie, this is probably the best way to describe this tour. Where many hiker used to get lost and die ...
from Michael Lock,   StädteRegion Aachen
Bike Riding · Eifel

Between Vennbahn and Rur

36.2 km
3:00 h
338 m
338 m
Explore the diverse landscape of the German-Belgian border region between Monschau and Sourbrodt on this tour. Whether spruce forests, the idyllic ...
from Michael Lock,   StädteRegion Aachen
41.3 km
3:30 h
454 m
454 m
This 40 km tour has it all; an exciting mixture of the varied forest, hill and dam landscapes of the Voreifel, a number of historic town centres, ...
StädteRegion Aachen
43.4 km
4:00 h
448 m
447 m
Cycling across borders, discovering new landscapes, learning new languages? Nothing simpler! On this tour, pay our Belgian neighbours a visit and ...
from Michael Lock,   StädteRegion Aachen
Bike Riding · Limburg

Three Border Route Vaals

38.3 km
2:52 h
386 m
386 m
Experience how great cycling can be in South Limburg. On this cross-border cycle route you get the best of three countries!
from Visit Zuid-Limburg,   StädteRegion Aachen

Castle Route Valkenburg

If you're looking for a cycle route through the real, authentic South Limburg, you've found it.

Vennbahn Stage 2 - Raeren-Monschau

With the former railway station in Raeren as your starting point, you cycle via Roetgen, repeatedly crossing backwards and forwards between Belgium and Germany. The route ends in the picturesque town of Monschau.

Ovelo – From the Weser dam to the Vennbahn

You ride almost three quarters of this route through the woods of the cross-border High Fens - Eifel nature parc. A more open landscape awaits you along the Vennbahn and the Weser dam.

Ovelo - Between Our and Amel

Outside the metropolitan area of St. Vith, 90 percent of the route takes you through the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park. That means quiet roads and a lot of woodland along the way. The beautiful Our valley by the border to the German Eifel-Ardennes region is the icing on the cake.

Ovelo - Out and about in the upper Our valley

The young Our and the Vennquerbahn (Ravel L45a) between Honsfeld and the German border village of Losheim play the leading role in this cycle route loop. You ride through the eastern part of Belgium.  

Ovelo - The High Fens between the Rur and Warche

Half the tour leads through the High Fens, where forest areas alternate with expansive peat bogs. The other 20 km takes you past open pastures around the Warche and Robertville reservoir, which you cross twice.

Ovelo – Four streams and a castle

This route follows the picturesque valleys of the four streams Ulf, Braunlauf, Hasselbach and Our. So you don't just get the sporting enjoyment afforded by a hilly landscape. You also get some beautiful panoramas.

Cycling along the Meuse

Experience the Meuse from your bike and discover Maastricht and various picturesque Meuse villages.

Ovelo - Around Bütgenbach Lake

Taking the Ravel L45a, we head towards Weywertz to the Vennbahn, which leads us to a landscape of fields and meadows further to the north. Following the curve of the path, past Nidrum and Elsenborn, we catch sight of the lake in Berg. We reach Wirtzfeld along deserted paths.

Vennbahn Railtrail

One of the longest cross-border rail trails in Europe, leading through three countries: Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg, 125 km long, almost completely asphalted.

Ovelo - Along the Weser through the Hertogenwald

This cycle route stretches between the Belgian town of Eupen and Roetgen in Germany. You ride along the Vennbahn cycle path for 9 km. You are surrounded by broadleaf woodland in the High Fens-Eifel Nature Park for a good three quarters of the route.

Vennbahn Stage 6 - Burg-Reuland - Troisvierges

Starting from Reuland Castle, Lengeler tunnel will bring you straight into Luxembourg. An appealing educational bat trail has been set up on the Luxembourg side of the tunnel.

Ovelo - Between the Amel and Warchenne

Half the tour runs along the Vennbahn, which is closed to motorised vehicles and winds its way in an elegant curve between the source regions of the Amel and the Warchenne. The open countryside with many valleys is occasionally dotted with little pieces of woodland.

Vennbahn Stage 5 - St.Vith - Burg-Reuland

To the south of St. Vith, you make your way down deeper into the Our valley through small river meadows and Lommersweiler tunnel. The ruins of Reuland Castle are a worthy and imposing end to this leg of the journey.

Ovelo - The High Fens in the eastern part of the Hertogenwald

Almost 40% of the route follows the Vennbahn itself, affording an unexpected panoramic view of the valley across the German Eifel-Ardennes region. You cycle through dense forests and along the untouched peatland of the High Fens.

Ovelo - Meadow landscapes between Weser and Göhl

Woodlands give way to open pastures in the undulating area to the north of the Weser. It is only in Kelmis located on the German border that you cycle along the edges of the vast Aachen forest.

EuroVelo 19 - The Meuse cycle route

European cycle route, La Meuse à Vélo (Meuse by bike) crosses the French county (or département) of Ardennes using the greenway called the Trans-Ardennes. 

Ravel L45a – Bütgenbach - Losheimergraben

On the former Venn-Querbahn you ride relaxedly past Bütgenbach with its viaduct and lake. Via Büllingen and Losheimergraben you reach the connection to the Kyll cycle path, which runs all the way to Trier via Jünkerath and Gerolstein.

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