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With the app you have the perfect tool handy for your adventure outdoors. For that you never lose orientation and that you are provided with the best outdoor maps.

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With our up-to-date tour recommendations you are perfectly informed about the most beautiful adventures of the Community, the recommendations of our editorial division and the tips of our experts on site.

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Because together is more fun: Look for like-minded people for your next adventure or take part in organized tours of other Community members. For the following trips participants are wanted:

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The Outdooractive Community unites friends from  all over the world. Share your experiences with like-minded people and get inspiration for your next outdoor adventure.

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Popular destinations

A summer vacation in the Alps or by the Baltic Sea? In Scandinavia, in the south of France or even overseas? Here you find the most beautiful destinations – and maybe even a tip on where to go on where to go on your next trip.

Islands for outdoorians

Destinations of longing: Endless beaches and the sound of waves crushing in exert an irresistible fascination. While Madeira, Tenerife and Fuerteventura are popular with hikers, vacationers are attracted by the North and Baltic Sea in summertime.

Outdoor in the big city

Even city residents are active outdoors on a regular basis. Many cities offer well-maintained and simultaneously low-trafficked tracks for runners and bikers. The trend sport Parcours even integrates the urban infrastructure.

Holiday in the mountains and national parks

Experiencing nature in its most unspoilt form, marveling at the flora and fauna and being active: All that can be done in mountainous regions and national parks.

Other fascinating outdoor destinations

Hiking & Trekking

Is there something more beautiful than exploring nature by foot? Regardless if it’s a walk on plane terrain or a demanding multi-day hike through the Alps – hiking is a sport for everyone.



Travel Planning

Printed travel guides are one of the most useful tools during a journey, even in this digitized age. Maps, directions and diagrams offer the most important information of a tour at one glance.

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Take advantage of the best digital maps, explore remote areas without reception and be perfectly prepaired for any outdoor adventure ahead.

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