Loop tour via Renkknie in Bregenzerwald, Vorarlberg

Wanderung · Bregenzerwald
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9,2 km
488 hm
488 hm
mit Bahn und Bus erreichbar aussichtsreich familienfreundlich botanische Highlights Gipfel-Tour Rundtour Heilklima
In only 3 hours duration this route includes many of the attractions of Bregenzerwald. Hiking there is partly up- and down slope, but not any quite steep path. So that hikers can enjoy sharing the views and spending relax time with their family and friends. Unforgettable experiences here will make many hikers wish to visit again.

Bregenzerwald: Aussichtsreicher Rundwanderweg

The church – Mähmoos

Starting from the church, you walk 550m on Sibratsgfäll Straße to north-west, then turn left. The beginning of Mähmoos is slightly downhill with asphalt road and on the right there are houses. As you turn your eyes to the left side, you might see remaining snow from the winter on the mountain tops, the meadow covered with colorful wild flowers and lovely houses in the wide valley underneath. These are the characteristics of this area, Bregenzerwald. "Here there are all the attractions of Bregenzerwald." As soon as you start to hike this route, you may think so. If you see the white small chapel with a bench, it’s the sign that you will reach the end of Mähmoos soon.

Sibratsgfäll Straße - Small hiking path

At the spot with the signboard of “Gasthof Hotel IFENBLICK”, you’ll see again the road Sibratsgfäll Straße. Around here, there is also small free parking. After turning hairpin curve and walking about 100m on the road, you have to enter the small hiking path on the left. This path is mostly muddy and upslope, but here you see another character of Bregenzerwald. Trees covered by wet green moss will relax your eyes, birds sing and the dense forest gives us fresh air. In this small path you enjoy them all, and it's a supreme time. On this way there are two Y junctions, both times you choose the right path. Then on the right through the bush, you can see the starting point Sibratsgfäll town. When you start to feel toughness of this path's slope at the end, it connects to the meadow finally.

Hill – Summit

Over the meadow one big tree stands, and behind it, there is the summit. After the long upslope and getting to the top, you will feel great. Besides that a beautiful reward will wait for you there. You can see lake Constance and the valley that leads to Germany. This landscape will make you lose track of time. Enjoy it until your heart’s content.

Summit - Alpe Hochegg

After leaving the summit, you descend with cows looking down Sibratsgfäll town. You go down on the hill again on the opposite side, then turn right at a hut. The path with some hairpin curves goes through pasture with many cows. At the 7th hairpin curve, there is a cross and water station, and now "Alpe Hochegg" is close. 

Alpe Hochegg - The church

When you pass "Alpe Hochegg", Sibratsgfäll town is already close to you. At a Y junction you choose the right way then soon turn left. Then you can find a less than 1m wide small gravel path leading downhill to a small river. At the end of path, finally you can find today's your goal the church closely.


There are some pastures for cows therefore hikers with a dog must be careful.

If you're going to go home with a bus, you must check the timetable. Or you'll wait for the bus long after hiking, because there are not so many buses.

Höchster Punkt
1411 m
Tiefster Punkt
923 m
Beste Jahreszeit


Around the summit there is no place to take shelter from rain, so it's important to check weather forecast in advance.

Don't provoke cows on the route. There are some pastures.

After the rain, be careful of sllipping on the maddy path.

Because there are some junctions on the route, check the map whenever you get to them, or you'll make a detour.

Weitere Infos und Links

There is no places to buy snacks and drinks. Please prepare them beforehand.

At the restaurant "Der Hirschen" next to the church in Sibratsgfäll people can enjoy beer and iced coffee after hiking next their bus comes.



The church in Sibratsgfäll (929 m)
47.426766, 10.037798
32T 578268 5253112


The church in Sibratsgfäll


The Church in Sibratsgäll - Mähmoos - Sibratsgfäller Straße - Small Hiking Path - Hill - Summit of Renkknie - Alpe Hochegg - The Church in Sibratsgfäll

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

mit Bahn und Bus erreichbar

Get off at "Sibratsgfäll Dorfplatz" bus stop. Bus No.41.



The start point, the church in Sibratsgfäll, sites just in front of Sibratsgfäll Dorfplatz Bus stop.


There is free parking 200m ahead to south-east from the church in town.
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

Kartenempfehlungen des Autors

KOMPASS Großer Wander-Atlas Vorarlberg mit Stanzer Tal und Paznauntal (Book 580) ISBN-9783850261722

Buchtipps für die Region

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Kartentipps für die Region

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  • Hat, Sun loation, Sun glassees - There are some paths withou the shade of trees. At the summit there is also anything to make the shade.
  • Jacket -At the summit after you were sweating, you'll feel cold if you don't have your jacket since there is nothing to protect strong wind.
  • Hiking Shoes - The author hiked this route on next day of rainy day and noticed many of parts of this route were muddy.
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