Mount Ruapehu Crater Lake Summit (Dome lookout - 2672m)

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10,2 km
1045 hm
1045 hm
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Summit to the "Dome" lookout with a stunning view on the Mount Ruapehu crater lake. Climb on the highest peak of New Zealands highest vulcano with a magnificient view to the crater lake.

Neuseeland: Aussichtsreiche Bergtour

This scenic and adventurous tour brings you to the lookout Dome (2672m) and close to the highest peak of New Zealands northern island. A stunning view to the azur blue crater lake is waiting for you. This tour is a little tricky in tearms of orientation. There is no marked path for the whole tour. Especially on the way to the West Ridge Chair and the Far West T-Bar is not easy to find. After the top of the FAr West T-Bar you are reaching the alpine and glacier zone. Just for experienced hikers with alpine gear. Be aware that you are climbing an active vulcano. Ask before your tour for advice and further information at the DOC Shop in Whakapapa. Check the latest weather forecast and just do in perfect conditions.


Make sure you take a look at Mt Ngauruhoe (Northen direction). The vulcanic landscape is stunning.
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2650 m
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1615 m
Beste Jahreszeit


Follow the local instructions. You are hiking in a vulcanic zone. Be aware of the basic rules to avoid any hazards. Wen crossing the vulcanic stone fields at the beginning and end of the tour you are crossing a zone of high lahar riscs. Observe the sky for signs of a weather change. Don´t do this trip without consulting the local DOC shop in Whakapapa.


Make sure you bring enough food and water and clothes/gear appropriate to alpine conditions. Glacier gear (If conditions are very good you don´t need crampons). Don´t do without GPS, compass and map.


Whakapapa Ski Ressort (1615 m)
-39.236508, 175.555773
60H 375356 5655983


Whakapapa Ski Ressort


We start our hike at the parking lot of Whakapapa ski resort. we start to head west from the parking lot following a little path. This path ends after a few hundret meters in vulvanic stand fields. We find our way through them heading to the bottom station of the West Ridge Chair. On our way to this waypoint you have to cross and pass several vulcantic stone cliffs and valleys. Some of them are steap and you can easily hurt yourself whilst climbing up and down. Orientation is not easy in this area. When reaching the West rifge Chair it is easier just following the pylons of the chairlift orientating gets easier. When reaching the top station of the West Ridge Chair we aim for the Far West T-Bar lift following the pylons to the top station. From the top of Far West T-Bar we are climbing the ridge ahead. After this point you have to expect old snow fields even in the end of summer. Please take extra care while crossing and walking on them. Avoid wherever it is possible if you are not experienced in this surroundings. After crossing a glacier stream we are heading the shortest way to the restful ridge. Here you might meet other climbers coming from the Whakapapa Ski ressort. Following the restful ridge is the most common way to climb to the dome. We are following this ridge as far as possible. This ridge normally is almost free from snow and ice and a good guide for our ascent. On the end of the ridge you have to cross the glacier for a few hundret meters to reach Glacier Knob. I din´t had crampons and didn´t had the impression that you would need one for this passage. But I´d not recomment to follow my example. Reaching Glacier Knob our way is free of ice and snow again. You can see the dusty crater ridge infront of you. You can more or less just climb uphill and turn right on the top of ridge. Follow the crater ridge to its end to reach the Dome. This part of the climb is fascinating. Having a colourful, dusty crater ridge as a path and glaciers to the left and to the right and a slightly smell of sulfur in the nose. The Dome is the perfect lookout on the crater lake. Please do NOT try to attemp a descent to the crater lake. This slopes are super steap and you probably will fall off the cliff and end up in an acid almost boiling vulcanic lake. People died trying this...

We are following our path of the ascent for descent.

The weather conditions up there can change rapidly. Please make sure to get the latest weather forecast. You don´t want to get lost in clouds or fog at an elevation of 2672m.

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel



use your car from Whakapapa village to Whakapapa ski ressort


In summer there is plenty of space for your private car at Whakapapa ski ressort
Anreise mit der Bahn, dem Auto, zu Fuß oder mit dem Rad

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