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Ski Touring • Wallis
  • Im Aufstieg Richtung Gletscherrinnen
    / Im Aufstieg Richtung Gletscherrinnen
    Photo: Lötschental Marketing AG
  • Oberaletschhütte
    / Oberaletschhütte
    Photo: Lötschental Tourismus
  • Gipfelbuch Lötschentaler Breithorn
    / Gipfelbuch Lötschentaler Breithorn
    Photo: Lötschental Marketing AG
  • Lötschentaler Breithorn
    / Lötschentaler Breithorn
    Photo: Lötschental Marketing AG
Map / Breithorn
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A high-Alpine ski tour on the Lötschental Breithorn.
36 km
14:30 h
3415 m
3415 m
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Stage 1: The destination of the first stage of this tour is the SAC Oberaletsch Hut. You can reach this SAC hut, which nestles in magnificent glacier surroundings, along a number of different routes: The ascent from the Lötschental via the Beichpass is the most attractive but also the most strenuous “hut route” to the SAC Oberaletsch Hut. Begin your tour at the post office in Blatten and ski along the cross-country trail up to the Fafleralp (caution: cross-country skiers and winter hikers have priority on the track). From the Fafleralp, climb to the Beichflie via the Ganderre, continuing onto the Beichpass via the glacier "Dischliggletscher". Descend down the southern slopes to the glacier "Beichgletscher" and the glacier "Oberaletschgletscher" to the SAC Oberaletsch Hut. Refuel here for the second stage ahead of you.


Stage 2: Start via the glacier "Oberer Aletschgletscher" and the glacier "Beichgletscher" to the south-eastern foot of the Lonzahörner. From here, climb through the heavily fissured glacial channel between the two impressive rocky outcrops and ascend steeply up to the upper glacier plateau. Continue over the less steep slopes at the south-eastern foot of the summit ridge. Locate the ski depot here and continue with ease on foot along the south-eastern ridge up to the south-eastern summit.


Stage 3: Following your summit tour, savour the long descent down your ascent route back into the Lötschental Valley.

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Our mountain guides in the Lötschental:

Difficulty difficult
Risk Potential
3725 m
1530 m
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Safety information

  • This tour is only recommended when there is adequate snow and safe conditions owing to the steepness of the ice falls and crevasses.
  • We recommend that a state-certified mountain guide accompanies you on this ski tour
  • Plan your tour carefully
  • Ensure that you have a full set of appropriate equipment
  • Never embark on a tour alone
  • Inform friends, relatives, the mountain hut supervisor or the hotel porter of your proposed tour. Report back when you arrive at your destination.
  • Keep a constant eye on weather developments
  • Adhere to the principle: if in doubt, turn back!


  • A full set of glacier equipment is essential.
  • Skitourenkarte Jungfrau 264S (The Jungfrau Region Ski-Touring Map 264S) - This 1:50,000 scale topographical map includes the ski tours in the Lötschental Valley, which are described in more detail in the SAC Tour Guide available from the Lötschental Tourist Information Office in Wiler or online at

Tips, hints and links

The SAC Oberaletsch Hut:
  • 2,640 metres above sea level
  • Within the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Owned by the SAC Chasseral division
  • 58 beds (plus 12 beds in the old hut)
  • Staffed during the spring and summer season
  • Multilingual: German, English, French, Italian and Japanese
  • The starting point for rewarding ski, mountain and climbing tours
  • Ideal for hikers (summer only)
  • Children welcome
  • Comfortable and simple

The room for winter visitors is now in the smaller hut approx. 50 metres below the hut. Cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and a wood stove (incl. wood) are provided.


Blatten, Post (1530 m)
Geogr. 46.419640 N 7.819342 E
UTM 32T 409272 5141351


Blatten, Post

Turn-by-turn directions

Stage 1: Blatten - Fafleralp - Ganderre - Beichflie - Dischliggletscher - Beichpass - Beichgletscher - Oberer Aletschgletscher - SAC Oberaletsch Hut

Stage 2: SAC Oberaletsch Hut - Oberer Aletschgletscher - Beichgletscher - Breithorn

Stage 3: Breithorn -  Beichgletscher - Beichpass - Dischliggletscher - Beichflie - Ganderre - Fafleralp - Blatten


Other possible ascents to the SAC Oberaletsch Hut:

  • Peter Tscherrig Anenhütte - Beichflie - Dischliggletscher - Beichpass - Beichgletscher - Oberer Aletschgletscher - SAC Oberaletsch Hut
  • Belalp - SAC Oberaletsch Hut
  • Riederalp - Riederfurka - Grosser Aletschgletscher - Tälli - SAC Oberaletsch Hut


Other possible descents:

  • Breithorn -  Beichgletscher - Oberer Aletschgletscher - Tälli - Grosser Aletschgletscher - Riederfurka - Riederalp
  • Breithorn -  Beichgletscher - Oberer Aletschgletscher - SAC Oberaletsch Hut - Belalp

Public transport:

The postbus runs every hour from Gampel/Steg or Goppenstein to Blatten ("Blatten, Post" postbus stop).

Getting there:

Drive into the Lötschental from Goppenstein, past the villages of Ferden, Kippel and Wiler to Blatten as far as the old post office.


You can park your car in the car park next to the old post office in Blatten (not free).

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Difficulty difficult
Distance 36 km
Duration 14:30 h
Ascent 3415 m
Descent 3415 m


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