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Pilgrim Trail

VIA ROMEA Celle - Eltze / Rietze (12)

Pilgrim Trail • Lueneburg Heath
  • Auf dem Weg zwischen Celle und Rietze
    / Auf dem Weg zwischen Celle und Rietze
    Photo: Teilnehmer PCB 2015 (B.)
  • Aller bei Altencelle
    / Aller bei Altencelle
    Photo: Von Benutzer:AxelHH - Foto aufgenommen von Benutzer Benutzer:AxelHH, Gemeinfrei,
  • Auf dem Weg zwischen Celle und Rietze
    / Auf dem Weg zwischen Celle und Rietze
    Photo: Teilnehmer PCB 2015 (B.)
  • Ortsbild Bröckel
    / Ortsbild Bröckel
    Photo: Von losch - Selbst fotografiert, CC BY-SA 3.0,
  • Wassermühle Eltze
    / Wassermühle Eltze
    Photo: Von Losch at de.wikipedia - Eigenes Werk, Attribution,
Map / VIA ROMEA Celle - Eltze / Rietze (12)
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The 1900 kilometres long pilgrim trail "VIA ROMEA", from Stade (close to Hamburg) to Rom, from Celle to Eltze/Rietze.

36.9 km
9:30 h
61 m
41 m

The 12th stage of the Pilgrim route VIA ROMEA leads from Celle to Rietze. The tour is characterized by the densely populated cultural landscape between Celle and Braunschweig. Through the agricultural land, small places and settlements, we go towards Braunschweig.

Author's recommendation

Long stage of the Pilgrim route VIA ROMEA. Condition is in demand.

63 m
37 m
Best time of year

Safety information

We go partly on busy country roads on asphalted secondary roads that are used by agricultural vehicals. Take care!


Sturdy shoes. Clothes adapted to the weather.

Tips, hints and links

Pilgerweg "VIA ROMEA"


Celle, Stadtkirche (town church) (Markt) (38 m)
52.624542 N 10.081569 E
32U 573211 5831054


Rietze, Straße "Wasserreihe" (street)

Turn-by-turn directions

The starting point of the tour from Celle to Rietze is located at the town church in the centre of Celle (Market). Via the "Zöllnerstraße", turn right into the street "Am Heiligen Kreuz". Then turn left, crossing the federal road B 214, into the "Steintor". The street becomes an all-foot and bike path, which we follow around a sports field. At an intersection (“Allerdeich / Osterdeich”), we turn left and come directly to the banks of the “Aller”.

Following the path, we arrive at “Altencelle”. At the entrance, there is the old St. Gertruden church. Cross the road of the same name and follow the signs to the town centre. Here we turn left into the "Dorfstraße". Over the “Aller” and then turn right into the "Osterloher Landstraße" to Osterloh. At the end of the village, we cross the “Aller” again and then continue to the left on the banks of the “Aller”, until we reach a copse. Here, the path goes into a right curve and leads to “Bockelskamp”. Follow the "Alte Poststraße" to the left on a country road ("Lange Straße", "Celler Straße") to Wienhausen.

In “Wienhausen”, we continue straight on the "Celler Straße" and later on the "Haupstraße". Before leaving the village, turn into "Lageweg" and then turn right again into "Appelweg". The path goes into a forest path. We continue through the forest. At an open area in the forest, we turn left and follow the path along the left edge of the forest, until you reach the asphalted path. At the entrance to Sandlingen, turn right into "Buerskopperstraße" and, after a few metres, turn left into "Fasenweg". Right past the Scheppels settlement, continue straight ahead until the road turns to the left (east).

At the next crossroads, we turn right and cross the busy federal road B 214. We continue on the road to Bröckel. Through the village, we always follow the "Hauptstraße". We cross the country road to Uetze and continue straight ahead. The route then continues to the left (south). Continue straight ahead, parallel to the country road, the, at a crossroads with an asphalted path, we turn left and go to Abbeile. In Abbeile, we cross the federal road B188 to the left and continue over the agricultural land direction Benrode. Via the "Bendorfer Straße" and the road "Zur Eltzer Mühle", we reach Eltze.

Take the "Plockhorster Straße" in the direction of Plockhorst. In an arc, we bypass the rails. We continue along the ponds of a gravel plant to Eickenrode. Cross the "Alte Postweg" and then turn left to the "Lehmkuhlenweg", leaving Eickenrode. Cross the "Brandheide", past a weekend house settlement ("Lobbenbüttel"), we continue through a forest and reach our destination of the day, Rietze.

Public transport

Public transport friendly

Celle can be reached easily by train, bus or car. All necessary information can be found on the website of the city of Celle.

Getting there

Celle is located in the immediate vicinity of the federal highway A7. The federal roads B3, B191 and the B214 lead through Celle.


Enough parking available in the centre of Celle.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Giovanni Casselli, Thomas Dahms: Via Romea, Pilgerführer Stade - Mittenwald, Ostfalia-Verlag, Osterwieck, 2015. The entire pilgrim trail of the VIA ROMEA in Germany is described in 12 areas and in daily stages. Including general maps, instructions where to go, images and advice concerning sights and things worth seeing on the route. Order possible at:

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36.9 km
9:30 h
61 m
41 m
Public transport friendly Stage tour With refreshment stops Cultural/historical value

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