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Ahr Cycle Route

(1) Long Distance Cycling • Eifel
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    Photo: Tanja Huth, Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.
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    Photo: Tanja Huth, Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.
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    Photo: Andreas Wittpohl, Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.
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    Photo: Tanja Huth, Ahrtal-Tourismus Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler e.V.
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From the heart of the Eifel mountain range to the Rhine, the entire length of this cycle route runs parallel to the broad loops of the River Ahr as it flows through the quiet valley landscape. The Ahr Valley narrows for the first time in Schuld, a picturesque little village nestled in a loop of the Ahr. After this point, the valley widens once again before you reach Kreuzberg, where the rocky slopes extend as far as the banks of the Ahr, providing excellent wine-growing conditions. The Ahr Cycle Route briefly enters the world of well-being in the spa town of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. Before reaching the Rhine, you will join the Ahr in tackling one final rocky corner, before arriving at the wide river mouth.


463 m
869 m
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Except for the 4.5 km section between Fuchshofen and Schuld, where the cycle route runs along out-of-town streets without cycle lanes, the Ahr Cycle Route sticks to forest roads, farm roads and streets within villages and towns.
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source in the centre of Blankenheim or the North Rhine-Westphalia border at Dorsel (466 m)
Geogr. 50.436313 N 6.651103 E
UTM 32U 333198 5589780


Remagen-Kripp am Rhein at the mouth of the Ahr

Turn-by-turn directions


Blankenheim – North Rhine-Westphalia border at Dorsel, 17 km
55 m uphill, 195 m downhill
From the source in the historic centre of Blankenheim, the cycle route runs predominantly along a former railway through the Ahr Valley. You will have a few short, but noticeable, climbs and downhill slopes to contend with on your way to or from the railway embankment.


North Rhine-Westphalia border – Ahrbrück, 28 km


90 m uphill, 230 m downhill


In the Ahr Valley, which is by turns narrower or wider, the cycle route continues mainly along the former railway through peaceful, wooded countryside, passing through the towns of Müsch, Fuchshofen, Schuld and Ahrbrück.




Ahrbrück – Ahrweiler, 17 km


20 m uphill, 105 m downhill


This spectacular section of the route passes through the rocky region of the Ahr. Thanks to several bridges and a former railway tunnel, the route continues comfortably and without incline past rocky overhangs and through vineyards.




Ahrweiler – river mouth, 16 km


10 m uphill, 60 m downhill
In its lower course, the Ahr is very wide and flows close to the cycle track, first through the centre of Bad Neuenahr, with its spa facilities, then through the Ahr Valley, which is wider here, and finally into the Rhine Valley.


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Distance 75.3 km
Duration 6:41 hrs
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