Huts that open during the winter season

Have you ever dreamed of spending you winter holidays in a hut surrounded by impressive mountains and a white landscape? It is truly a magnificent experience! But what huts are actually open during the holidays and how do you get there? In this list you will find hut over 1800 m that welcome guests during the cold season.
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updated on 2017-12-12


Serviced Hut Dobratsch Gipfelhaus (ehem. Ludwig-Walter-Haus)

Dobratsch Gipfelhaus (ehem. Ludwig-Walter-Haus)
Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Gailtal Alps
Sleeping berth  33
Elevation: 2143 m
from Zweig Villach,

Serviced Hut Sadnighaus

Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Goldberg Group
Sleeping berth  40
Elevation: 1880 m
from Sektion Grosskirchheim-Hb.,

Serviced Hut Kölner Haus

Kölner Haus auf Komperdell 1.965 m
Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Samnaun Group
Sleeping berth  87
Elevation: 1965 m
from Sektion Rheinland-Köln,

Serviced Hut Hannoverhaus

Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Ankogel Group
Sleeping berth  63
Elevation: 2565 m
from Sektion Hannover,

Serviced Hut Krefelder Hütte

Krefelder Hütte
Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Glockner Group
Sleeping berth  42
Elevation: 2295 m
from Sektion Krefeld,

Serviced Hut Duisburger Hütte

Duisburger Hütte mit Blick auf den Wurtenspeicher, Schwarzseekopf (links) und Weißseekopf (rechts)
Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Goldberg Group
Sleeping berth  48
Elevation: 2572 m
from Sektion Duisburg,

Serviced Hut Edmund-Probst-Haus

Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Allgaeu Alps
Sleeping berth  94
Elevation: 1932 m
from Sektion Allgäu-Immenstadt,

Serviced Hut Ulmer Hütte

Ulmer Hütte
Serviced Hut Serviced Hut • Lechtal Alps
Sleeping berth  52
Elevation: 2285 m
from Sektion Ulm,