Mountain range of Jarlhettur in Iceland

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The north of Europe fascinates by its vastness and silence. Due to frequently changing light conditions and weather conditions the landscapes seem to be alive. The mood of the the light often changes rapidly from one of cheerful abandon to one of gripping drama. Though it is always a different experience for everyone being out and about . 
Here are some of the best hiking and mountain tours, which allow you to explore the most beautiful regions of the Far North. User
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René Dreuse
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updated on 2016-07-20


Long Distance Hiking Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls - Hiking from Skógar to Landmannalaugar

Colors, shapes and contrasts of the Fjallabak nature reserve
Long Distance Hiking Long Distance Hiking • Iceland
78.3 km
25:00 h
2629 m
2077 m
from René Dreuse,  Outdooractive Editors

Hiking Trail Rubha Hunish - Wanderung zur Nordspitze der Isle of Skye

Die einzigen Bewohner von Rubha Hunish
Hiking Trail Hiking Trail • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
6.6 km
2:15 h
200 m
200 m
from René Dreuse,  Outdooractive Editors

Long Distance Hiking Auf dem Kungsleden von Saltoluokta nach Kvikkjokk

Zum Kungsleden
Long Distance Hiking Long Distance Hiking
difficult Multistage tour
81.4 km
23:02 h
2106 m
2149 m
from Svenja Rödig,  Outdooractive Editors

Hiking Trail Von Bøur nach Gásadalur auf den Färöer

Blick von Gásadalur auf die vorgelagerten Schäreninseln
Hiking Trail Hiking Trail
13.9 km
6:00 h
858 m
858 m
from Kilian Müller,  Outdooractive Editors

Hiking Trail The Rocks of Quiraing

Hiking Trail Hiking Trail • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
8.6 km
3:03 h
376 m
376 m
from Mike Oliver Härle,  Community

Hiking Trail Auf dem Kungsleden von Kebnekaise nach Singi

Kurz vor Singi
Hiking Trail Hiking Trail • Sweden
14.3 km
3:48 h
258 m
215 m
from Julian Klotz,  Outdooractive Editors

Mountain Hike Von Landmannalaugar auf den Bláhnúkur

View from Bláhnúkur in the light of midnight sun
Mountain Hike Mountain Hike • Iceland
6.9 km
2:30 h
364 m
364 m
from René Dreuse,  Outdooractive Editors

Mountain Hike Bergtour auf den Festvagtinden bei Henningsvaer

Am Gipfelgrat
Mountain Hike Mountain Hike • Norway
3 km
2:22 h
502 m
502 m
from ulligunde ,  Community

Mountain Hike Auf den Ben Nevis (Tourist Route)

Aussicht vom Gipfel des Ben Nevis
Mountain Hike Mountain Hike • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
15 km
6:00 h
1302 m
1314 m
from Roman Weinhart,  Outdooractive Editors

Hiking Trail Unterwegs im Krafla-Gebiet: Schwefel, Staub, Gestank, Krater und Lava

Der Viti-Krater
Hiking Trail Hiking Trail • Iceland
7.4 km
1:51 h
94 m
94 m
from Kilian ,  Community