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(8) Hiking Trail • Swabian Alb
  • auf Erkundungstour in der Wassersteinhöhle
    / auf Erkundungstour in der Wassersteinhöhle
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Blick vom Kunstmühlefels
    / Blick vom Kunstmühlefels
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Wassersteinhöhle
    / Wassersteinhöhle
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Verschnaufspause im Grünen
    / Verschnaufspause im Grünen
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Michelskäppele
    / Michelskäppele
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Blick vom Kunstmühlefels
    / Blick vom Kunstmühlefels
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Picknick in der Zittelstatt
    / Picknick in der Zittelstatt
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Michelskäppele
    / Michelskäppele
    Photo: Bad Urach Tourismus
  • Schöne Aussicht I
    / Schöne Aussicht I
    Photo: daniel francis, Community
  • Auch dieser Grafensteig perfekt ausgeschildert.
    / Auch dieser Grafensteig perfekt ausgeschildert.
    Photo: Gerd Ohnsorg, Community
  • Aussichtspunkt
    / Aussichtspunkt
    Photo: Gerd Ohnsorg, Community
  • Wassersteinhöhle
    / Wassersteinhöhle
    Photo: Gerd Ohnsorg, Community
  • /
    Photo: Jean-luc Gilbart, Community
Map / Hochbergsteig
300 450 600 750 900 m km 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Parkplatz Zittelstatt P 18 Sportplatz Zittelstatt Ausblicke ins Wiesental Wassersteinhöhle Kunstmühlefelsen Michelskäppele

Premium route awarded the
First pure nature, taking in forests, cave and rock formations and ending with a fabulous view over the town of Bad Urach.
4.8 mi
2:30 h
1106 ft
1106 ft
all details
The Hochbergsteig is one of our five Premium hiking tours (Grafensteige) which showcase the beautiful landscape of the Biosphere region of the Swabian Alb.

From the scenic viewpoint, Michelskäppele to the dramatic rock formations at Kunstmühlefelsen, the route offers fantastic panoramas over the town and the Seeburg valley. Follow the forest pathway between the various lookout points and take a rest along the way on our relaxing wooden recliners, ideally situated to take in the view.

Author's recommendation

See the lovely old town of Bad Urach: visit the marketplace with its half-timbered houses of the 17th Century!

Difficulty moderate
2385 ft
1549 ft
Best time of year

Round tour Round tour
Premium route awarded the Premium route awarded the "Deutsches Wandersiegel"
With refreshment stops With refreshment stops
Nice views
Geological highlights
Healthy climate

Safety information

Please note, the Grafensteigen routes are hikes and not strolls! Sturdy footwear and surefootedness is recommended for all tours. In particular, please be cautious during and after rainfall as the limestone rock and soil, especially on an incline, can be very slippery.


In an emergency dial 112. Where necessary, make the emergency services aware that the injured persons are located in inaccessible terrain, so that the mountain rescue Bad Urach can be alerted and there is no loss of time needed in the rescue.


All along the signposted routes you will find plaques with your exact location number on them. These numbers are known in the emergency control center and will help to speed up rescue times, please reference them when making an emergency call.


Sturdy footwear and surefootedness is recommended for this tour.


Sports ground, Zittelstatt (P18) (1549 ft)
Geogr. 48.494105 N 9.410839 E
UTM 32U 530352 5371301


Sports ground, Zittelstatt (P18)

Turn-by-turn directions

At the Car Park (P18) you will find a wayfinding sign complete with map and route outline, this is the start of the hike. Going past the sports club the walk begins through the lovely Wiesental valley. Take a sharp right and the path starts to go steep uphill in the forest, then parallel to the slope, in the direction of Wassersteinhöhle (Water Cave). The last meters of the forest path up to the cave are quite steep, much like the following curving pathway which leads to a clearing. From here we take a field path and walk along the edge of the forest, briefly changing onto a service road off to the right. Continue left on the Alb plateau, before descending in the woods to the Kunstmühlenfels. From here we enjoy the beautiful view over the Seeburg valley and surrounding rock formations. Following a narrow pathway northwards across the Hochberg, we pass the cliffs of the same name and are rewarded along the way with splendid views of Bad Urach. Our next target is the viewingpoint Michelskäppele, where a wooden pavilion offers hikers stunning views with a little shelter. The return descent back to the sports field requires some surefootedness but within a short time the end is in sight. Along a natural grandstand we walk back to the car park, Zittelstatt which was our starting point.

Public transport:

You can take the train to the Ermstalbahn stop at Bad Urach and from the train station walk on the Ulmer road towards Ulm / Römerstein. Timetable information available from  www.naldo.de

Getting there:

From Reutlingen on the B28 to Bad Urach. From north / east take the A8 to Kirchheim unter Teck and then on the B465 and the B28 to Bad Urach. Once in Bad Urach take the  Ulmerstraße to reach the sports grounds of TSV Bad Urach and park at the car park Zittelstadt (P18).


Car park, Zittelstatt (P18)

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Order the brochure containing all five premium trails in Bad Urach (in german) through: http://www.badurach-tourismus.de/Praktische-Infos/Prospekte.

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Markus Enssle
Eine wirklich tolle Tour. Vor allem rund um die Wassersteinhöhle ist es sehr schön, dort war ich noch nie, obwohl ich ja fast um die Ecke wohne. Besonders jetzt im Herbst ist die Route sehr zu empfehlen, wenn man auch auf den feuchten Wegen etwas vorsicht walten lassen muß.
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Photo: Markus Enssle, Community
Zwischen Hirschwiese und Kunstmühlefelsen
Zwischen Hirschwiese und Kunstmühlefelsen
Photo: Markus Enssle, Community
Blick vom Kunstmühlefels
Blick vom Kunstmühlefels
Photo: Markus Enssle, Community

A Trost
Eine schöne Tour, die an einer Stelle (dort wo es ins Gebüsch geht und steil aufwärts) etwas unterbeschildert ist und leicht zu übersehen ist. Außerdem sollte man zwischen den Wegangaben immer einige Zeit verstreichen lassen, auch wenn es sich vom Text her nicht so anhört. Unbedingt den vorderen Parkplatz wählen, sonst verpasst man schon den Aufstieg.
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Dörte Casino
Diese Tour wählten wir zu Beginn unseres Urlaubs. Sie war bestes geeignet als Einstiegstour für relativ ungeübte Wanderer wie uns - nicht allzu schwierig, mit schönen Ausblicken auf Bad Urach.
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einer der Ausblicke
einer der Ausblicke
Photo: Dörte Casino, Community


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Difficulty moderate
Distance 4.8 mi
Duration 2:30 h
Ascent 1106 ft
Descent 1106 ft


Round tour Nice views With refreshment stops

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