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Hiking Trail

Bruchmühlbach-Miesau - Sagenhafter Waldpfad

(10) Hiking Trail • Palatinate
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    Photo: Marcel Germann, Pfalz Touristik e.V.
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    Photo: Tim Neukirch, Community
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Map / Bruchmühlbach-Miesau - Sagenhafter Waldpfad
0 150 300 450 600 m km 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 Bahnhof Bruchmühlbach-Miesau Hütte (H) Fritz-Claus-Hütte Belzmühle Elendsklamm

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17.6 km
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337 m
337 m
On a legendary trail ... ...

We explore this predicate trail with its two unique landscapes. We first climb up the fabled Sickinger Höhe whose namesake Ritter  Franz von Sickingen to 1523 lived at the castle of Nanstein in Landstuhl and whose landscape has been heavily influenced by the use of mills. From above we look down on the mystical Westricher Moorniederung. Unspoilt grasslands, silent forests, bizarre rock formations, wild canyons and sunlit views are just waiting for us. The Sagenhafte Waldpfad can be started on from a number of starting points. Depending on your condition, there are various trail lengths, whether clockwise or anticlockwise being immaterial.


Author's recommendation


Accommodations are available in the villages Bruchmühlbach and Lambsborn not far from the route.

The host directory is available at the Tourist Info.


Here you will find all information about Refreshments and hosts:,%20Gastst%C3%A4tten%20und%20Unterk%C3%BCnfte/ User

Anja Zwick / Juergen Wachowski

Updated: 2017-11-03

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407 m
232 m
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Safety information

►   Entering the paths and trails at your own risk!

►   For nature lovers, it should be understood to not leave any rubbish in the forest!

►   We ask all forest visitors to stay on the trails and meet the specified paths.



►   Sturdy footwear and surefootedness are in the Palatinate Forest on its own. 

►   Sufficient food and drinks should be any hike belong.


Tips, hints and links


►   Schützenhaus Bruchmühlbach, T. 06372 1423

►   Fritz-Claus-Hütte, T. 06372 994383

►   ASV-Vogelbach, T. 0170 9457449

►   Café Schmidt, T. 06372 994383

►   Pfälzer-Stuben, T. 06372 91200

►   Fischerhütte ASV-Bruchmühlbach, T. 06372 806836

►   Gasthaus „Zum Kuckucksnest“, T. 06372 1272

►   Restaurant „Adria Grill“, T. 06372 2501

►   Restaurant „Dionysos“, T. 06372 1384

►   Gasthaus/Pension Rilli Brehmer, T. 06372 1287

►   Bistro/Café am Rathaus, T. 06372 5472


(1) Railway station Bruchmühlbach (Am Bahnhof) (2) Sports ground Vogelbach (Lambsborner Str.) (3) Cemetery Lambsborn (Hauptstr.) (4) Fritz-Claus-Hütte (an L466), (5) Belzmühle (Belzmühle 1) (6) Schützenhaus (Zweibrücker Str.), (7) Beer cellar (an L464) (232 m)
49.384880 N 7.443898 E
32U 387064 5471406


(1) Railway station Bruchmühlbach (Am Bahnhof) (2) Sports ground Vogelbach (Lambsborner Str.) (3) Cemetery Lambsborn (Hauptstr.) (4) Fritz-Claus-Hütte (an L466), (5) Belzmühle (Belzmühle 1) (6) Schützenhaus (Zweibrücker Str.), (7) Beer cellar (an L464)

Turn-by-turn directions

The Sagenhafter Waldpfad starts at the railway station of Bruchmühlbach-Miesau   (more starting points in the flyer). Following the first feeder path it goes into the woods toward the district of Vogelbach. After the first few metres, a feeder path branches off to the viewpoint "Hoher Fels", from which there is a view of over the Westricher Moorniederung and up to the hills of Nordpfälzer Bergland.

The main route passes Vogelbach leading past lush pastures and meadows and reaches the resting place at the Kneipp facility "Vogelquelle". Time for a refreshing drink or a rest in the shade of deciduous trees.

After a moderate uphill   climb, the trail then leads steeply uphill to the Sickinger Höhe. The forest scenery and the view down to the villages in the valley soon lets you forget the physical exertion.

Green sloping meadows and fields are symbolic   of the agricultural character of these hillside villages. 

Those of you who would like to visit the village of   Lambsborn, should now follow the next feeder path. Here you have the opportunity to eat and drink and also   visit the local museum "Wies frieherwor" on the Kartoffelhof Gortner (T. 06372 7934) as well as tasting a sample of the local potato schnapps on offer. The feeder path then leads back 1.6 km to the main route.

Following this wide-open landscape, the trail soon reaches the edge of the forest. After a short time there is, once again, the possibility of shortening the tour via the lookout point "Hoher Fels" and back to the starting point.

Through the Palatinate Forest, the main path now leads through the forest, winding its way up to the wildly romantic “Elendsklamm”. The natural monument has been left to itself for decades. Another feeder path leads directly through the gorge to the “Tausendmühle”, a mill which was once driven by the   Frohnbach. A visit to the mill shop is well worth while (Thu-Sat, T. 06372 1438)

After passing through the “Elendsklamm” the trail wins again in height. Along an old paved "post road" it then leads to the stone quarry of   "Busche". A nice quiet corner that invites you not only to explore, but also provides a shady spot for a snack. After crossing the Belzmühltal, a feeder path leads to the   Fritz-Claus Hutte. 

The narrow trail then leads downwards, following the Mühlbach on the grounds of the Belzmühle. A sculpture trail and Kneipp facilities offer even more diversity. A short climb up through the fragrant forest then leads to the hunter’s clubhouse.

A little later we reach the bottom entry to the “Elendsklamm” where a short climb up the stairs is worth while! 

The “Sagenhafte Waldpfad” now leads past   the 400 year old mill “Tausendmühle” with its ancient   beer cellar.

A short time later we arrive at the starting point of our circular trail.


Public transport

Public transport friendly

Railway station Bruchmühlbach-Miesau 

Timetable information:


Getting there

Driving on the A6 

Exit Bruchmühlbach-Miesau



Town hall, 66892 Bruchmühlbach-Miesau

Coordinates: 49° 22´ 52´´ N / 7° 26´ 30´´ E




Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Robert Mühlbauer
Wirklich sehr schöne Wanderung, super Wege, herrliche Natur, gut ausgeschildert. Der Begriff Prädikatsweg ist nicht übertrieben.
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Der Weg ist wirklich super ausgeschildert und enthält einen guten Mix aus anspruchsvollen Steigungen, ebenen Strecken und schnörkeligen Waldpfaden. Landschaft und Ausblick sind wunderbar. Leider ist die Kneipp-Anlage Vogelbecken in unbenutzbarem Zustand und der im Flyer beschriebene "Waldlehrpfad" besteht nur aus zwei leeren Holztafeln. Es gab aber auch so genug zu sehen und gekneippt haben wir dann in der Klamm. :)
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Tim Neukirch
Die Beschilderung ist Top, die Pflege des Weges ebenfalls. Die zwei Abschnitte, an denen man die Autobahn gehört hat, haben uns nicht gestört. Der Anstieg von der Vogelquelle hinauf an die schöne Holzliege ist sehr anspruchsvoll.
Photo: Tim Neukirch, Community
Vogelquelle Infotafel
Vogelquelle Infotafel
Photo: Tim Neukirch, Community
Vogelquelle Schutzhütte
Vogelquelle Schutzhütte
Photo: Tim Neukirch, Community
Photo: Tim Neukirch, Community


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17.6 km
5:07 h
337 m
337 m
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